3 Quick Youtube Workouts for busy moms

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I noticed I felt tired lately. After the kids went off to school, I had to fight the urge to crawl back into my bed. Granted, I could go to bed earlier at night. But I also realized I hadn’t really worked on my fitness and energy levels these last weeks.

Take me right away to the workout video’s! (Scroll down)

Before summer, I made it a habit to run a few times a week. Even before the kids woke up, I ran a few miles. This was huge for me –  never before I really had the motivation to do it, but I actually started to like it. However, the summer break kind of messed it all up. And then the kids had to go back to school. And the mornings started to grow darker, since, well, autumn was around the corner. And of course there was sooo much to d0 every day… So I basically stopped running.

HIIT Workouts

I have run a few times since then, but the evenings are getting darker now too. That’s why I decided to look up some YouTube video’s I earlier had used to do something about my energy levels, with quick workout routines to give me a little power boost. These are easy to do in the living room, or a bedroom, so I don’t need to leave the house.

Especially HIIT Workouts – high-intensity interval training – have caught my attention, since these workouts are quick and intense, keep your heart rate up and burn more fat in less time (or so they say). And some of these workouts are only 5 or 10 minutes short, so that doesn’t give me the excuse: “Well, I’m a busy mom of five, I just don’t have time…” It’s not about not having time, it’s about making it a priority!

So, I’ve selected a few Youtube workouts that can be done right away. No equipment needed, just wear comfortable (sports) clothes and I recommend to use a fitness mat (or a thick towel, or a small carpet). Oh, and grab a water bottle. Hydrating ourselves is absolutely a must!

5 Minute Workout

5 Minutes is doable, right? Everyone can spare five minutes. If we can spend an hour on social media, why not spend five minute less and work on your health instead? I have to remind myself about this often!

Well, I did this workout a couple of times a while back, I had to search Youtube to find it again – and decided to do it right away. So, a few minutes earlier, I was jumping and kicking in my boys’ bedroom, encouraged by this cheerful woman who really keeps you motivated. I have to admit though: it was a challenge again. It was doable, for sure – but not that easy. I’m still gasping for breath. And I really need a shower!

10 Minute Workout

What I love about the video below is that you feel part of a group. It keeps me motivated! And if the three of them can do it while smiling all the time, I must be able to keep up with them, right? Well, it’s not as easy as it looks. But it’s effective! You might feel sore the next morning.

15 Minute Workout

I follow FitnessBlender on Youtube and have tried out several of their workouts. However I cannot remember I fully mastered this one. So have to try again soon, to see if I made any progress… 15 Minutes seem almost like an eternity when you feel your muscles burning.

Are you in for a challenge? Join me and let me know if you can keep up! 🙂

What do you do as a mom to stay healthy, improve your fitness and energy levels and get in shape?

– Anne

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