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Meet the “real” Saint Nicholas!

He is on his way! He travels by boat – a large steamboat – from Spain to the Netherlands. Of course his helpers – “Zwarte Pieten”, Black Petes, since their faces are black from soot – travel along, in their bright colored outfits and funny hats with feathers. Read more

Saint Martin’s Day

We don’t really do Halloween. In the fall you may see the typical decorations like carved pumpkins on the front porches, but it never really was a tradition in the Netherlands to celebrate “All Hallow’s Eve” on October 31th. Although it’s becoming more popular now over here, Halloween has to combat another holiday that is celebrated around the same time, November 11th: Saint Martin’s Day, or in Dutch: Sint Maarten.

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3 Quick Youtube Workouts for busy moms

I noticed I felt tired lately. After the kids went off to school, I had to fight the urge to crawl back into my bed. Granted, I could go to bed earlier at night. But I also realized I hadn’t really worked on my fitness and energy levels these last weeks. Read more