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Why did Jesus Christ come as a baby? Have you ever wondered?

Why did Jesus come as a baby?

Have you ever wondered why the Son of God came to earth as a baby? I sure have.

I mean, if His sole purpose was to die as a perfect, blameless sacrifice to deliver us from sin and death, then why was Jesus Christ born as a little baby? Why did He first have to grow up, like the rest of us? Read more

How often do you seek the Throne of Grace?

Do you know where to get help? When life’s circumstances overwhelm you, when nothing seems to work out as planned, when the days are messy and the children are fighting all the time and you feel tired and your husband is late from work? Read more

The value of helping children memorize Bible verses

“To Timothy, my true son in the faith…” 1 Timothy 1:2. From the very first sentences in the letter to Timothy you can sense the deep love apostle Paul had for his younger brother in the faith. Paul himself didn’t have children, but he had a great father’s heart for his followers, his children of faith. Read more

It’s not a priority?

A new email arrives in my inbox: “That picture on my website doesn’t align like it should. Can you have a look and fix it?” It’s a reasonable question, since I help maintain several WordPress sites for clients and friends.

But just as I try to fix the issue, my son walks in: “Mom, I can’t find my shoes. Can you help me find them?” Read more

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