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7 Great classics you can read – for free!

Although I like the touch of a physical book in my hands, I am getting more and more used to reading books on an iPad or iPhone.

And now, with summer break around the corner, and the prospect of a trip by car to Sweden and Norway, I am looking for books to read. Bringing a lot of books with me in the car isn’t an option, so my Kindle app sure is a great solution! Read more

It’s not a priority?

A new email arrives in my inbox: “That picture on my website doesn’t align like it should. Can you have a look and fix it?” It’s a reasonable question, since I help maintain several WordPress sites for clients and friends.

But just as I try to fix the issue, my son walks in: “Mom, I can’t find my shoes. Can you help me find them?” Read more

i will praise you for i am fearfully and wonderfully made

Wonderfully made

My special girl…

Yes, you are special. Of course, every mother says this about her child, but in your case, you really are extra special. Read more