Pinterest Summer Blessing Challenge #3 – What I learned.

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Okay. Something I learned this summer: doing a Challenge can cause stress. You know – you have to do something, and you feel like you have to share it – and well, life happens.

There are lots of things that just have more priority. The children being free from school during summer break does not really give me more time – actually, it completely messes up any schedule I might have had. And we do lots of things of course, but not every activity is Pinterest “worthy” or Pinterest “related” – most of them are not. And that’s totally fine.

So I tried to keep it up for a few weeks, and then I quit this Pinterest Summer Blessing Challenge. Not because I didn’t want to bless my family, but because I just couldn’t find the time to turn it into a blog post including attractive pictures. I needed to focus on other things: on getting ready for our holiday trip to Scandinavia, for example.

But a few weeks ago we made these “Crunchy Crescent Nacho Dogs”, a recipe I had pinned. It was a quick and easy meal because we were planning on watching a Christian tv-show, and it happened to be right around dinner time. So we decided to eat before the tv as an exception to the rule 🙂

I added a salad for some vitamins too, to make it a more healthy meal. Three of the kids loved the “Crunchy Crescent Nacho Dogs” a lot, two didn’t really care for it. But we had fun making it together! Personally, I think it was a nice, tasty and quick alternative to a sausage roll. You might give it a try!

You can find the recipe here: Crunchy Crescent Nacho Dogs

Easy Recipe: Crunchy Crescent Nacho Dogs

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